The Long and Winding Path

For the purposes of this blog, I will be using images from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. The RWS deck has become a Modern Standard; the Coloring used by Mary Hanson Roberts shows the detail admirably, and reproduces well.

The image of the path leading off into the distance is a key image in Tarot, even though most of the cards don’t show it. In some cards, it’s presence is implied rather than shown, (such as in the 10 of Wands, The Chariot, and even The Fool card itself).


His path may be invisible, be he has faith that it's there

Clearly The Fool is starting out on a journey; in fact many Tarot teaching traditions consider the entire deck to be stages in the Fool’s Journey. The presence of an obvious path may not seem necessary, since The Fool is creating the path by virtue of starting out on his journey, (even though the first steps seem to take the Fool over a cliff.)
I’m reminded of the invisible path in the Indiana Jones movie, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”where Indiana has to step out into what seems to be empty space, taking it on faith that he will not tumble into the abyss, and finds that he is supported by a path that he couldn’t see until he was actually on it. The Fool is just such a character- able to take it on Faith that the path is there, even as he steps out into thin air. The mundane world would call him naive and foolish (what better reason to call him “The Fool”?). The fact that he is the key character in the Tarot, and that the journey through all the other cards is his journey, makes it clear that he is right, and that in order to grow and evolve, he must take that chance.


A winged being stands at the beginning of the path, pouring water from one vessel into another

Let’s explore the images where the path is visible. Whether or not it indicates actual travel in the mundane sense, or represents an evolutionary process is up to the interpreter, and depends on the context of the reading.

Let’s begin with the Temperance card. A beautiful winged being with a shining face stands with one foot on land and the other in a pool of clear water. In older decks, this being is depicted as female, but in the RWS deck- the figure shown is androgenous.
A narrow well worn path rises from the water, leading toward the horizon. It meanders from the rocks at the water’s edge, through meadows and rolling hills toward lofty mountains that loom in the distance. A shining phantom crown hovers over those far peaks, seeming to beckon from the heights. The winged being pours fluid from one vessel into another. His  head is surrounded by a halo of energy. On his forehead is a bright yellow sun symbol that seems to add to the radiance of his golden hair and halo. A symbol of alchemy adorns the breast of his white robe.

Traditionally, this card represents moderation in thought, word and action, but it also has a deeper meaning, given by the root of the word itself- “temper”-ance. First, there is the quality of self-control, of not indulging in extreme demonstrations of emotion- either negative, such as anger- or positive, such as passion or euphoria. Also there is the process of tempering metals for fine tools and edged weapons, (very similar to the repeated steps of distillation in the alchemical process), where the metal is heated, worked and cooled repeatedly, giving it a superior tensile strength and flexibility.
In short, following a disciplined path while keeping true to a firm set of principles will bring you to heights where greater nobility of character is attained. The message also seems to indicate that it is more about experiencing the process of the journey than about achieving a specific goal. The process is what creates the changes, rendering you- the traveler- into a stronger, purer metal and an instrument capable of holding a sharper edge.


A primitive creature crawls out of the primordial waters, seeking higher ground

The next card that shows the long and winding path is The Moon.

Again, it begins at the water’s edge, leading off into a mountainous distance. Two towers flank this path, as two animals- a wild wolf and a domesticated dog bay at the full moon shining above. A crawfish-like creature crawls up out of the water onto the beginning of the path. Yods- representing the gift of life energy- rain down from the shining moon.
Again, we have the indication of evolution- a journey that takes us from the watery realm of raw emotion and unconscious existence into the heights- a well worn symbol of enlightenment. The Moon, shining it’s yod-beams down upon the scene provides light for the creature to see the path it embarks upon.


The path here begins in a garden setting, but leads the viewer toward rocky terrain

Following this, we have the Ace of Pentacles- that most earthy representation of achievement. The scene is a garden of lilies bordered by a hedge of blooming red roses. In this case, the path starts out wide and smooth, leading to an archway that frames a view of a mountainous landscape. A hand offers a shining pentacle from a puff of cloud suspended in a pearl gray sky.

If we can tread the path from relative domestic comfort into the rough mountainous terrain, and not deviate from our purpose, the reward of earthly success is offered. Pentacles represent wealth and abundance, yet they also indicate the presence of creativity and the willingness to do whatever it takes to reach a goal. The fact that the path once again leads to the heights symbolizes that the reward will not just be a physical attainment, but also a refinement of character and spirit. Presumably, such processing will render the traveler more able to appreciate and manage the wealth that is gained with greater wisdom, creativity and fairness.


In this card, the path is shown behind the person in the card, at the lower left.

Finally we have the 8 of Pentacles.

A young man works diligently to create pentacles. He sits on his work bench, chiseling away at his current project, with a pleasantly absorbed expression. In the background, to the lower left hand side, behind the young man, a castle sits on a green slope. A yellow path partially hidden by trees leads up to the open gateway.
The process of perfecting one’s skills opens up the way to achieve many of the finer things in life. Becoming a competent and successful craftsman makes it possible to rise from your current position to the kind of person who could be invited to such a dwelling for commissions. Eventually, one could attain enough mastery of this skill to live in a place every bit as grand, and presumably support others in their quest for excellence in their turn.


The path leads to the castle entrance. The gate is open...

Becoming a master at one’s craft does not stop at making beautiful and useful things, and basking in the wealth one is able to earn. It also means that you attain a sense of self-respect because you are living up to your potential. When you know you are worthy of it, you can achieve wisdom and compassion as well, and can act as a mentor for others, who like yourself, start small and work their way up to mastery of their craft. What the master craftsman creates is not limited to finer and prettier objects; the finest product of this process is a finer self.

What more could The Fool aspire to?


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A Furry Visitation


Melissa- Perched in her favorite tree, in our backyard in South Carolina


Contact has been made.

It may sound silly to those of you who have never experienced a deep spiritual bond with an animal, but I have just had a profound experience.

I guess I should start at the very beginning, so that y’all know everything right up front.

Last year, I was doing volunteer work at this little community thrift shop, here in Maine, and the manager decided it was time to weed out the excess books. Now, I’m a book nut, and throwing out books- to me- is a terrible thing- so I weeded through them, claimed almost all of those that were aimed at the landfill, and carried them home with me, where I could take my time picking through them.
I gave most of them to two other thrift stores, (one of which supports a local no-kill cat shelter) but I also kept some that looked interesting. Among those I chose to keep was one called “Chasing Windmills”. I selected it because it was written by the same author who wrote “Pay It Forward” which I loved.

I stuck it on my shelf and forgot all about it.

Time went by, I moved a couple of times, had all sorts of things happen, and lost my dear cat Melissa to an upper respiratory infection.

The book sat on the shelf with it’s neighbors, as if waiting.

Today, after getting all my household tasks done, I was considering starting up my metaphysical blog again- this blog, in fact- wondering what I should write about. My mind was a-whirl of all sorts of competing ideas, none of which really grabbed me. I was just deciding whether to break out a Tarot deck, to troll for ideas, when a neighbor called to chat. He told me that his cat ran away, and I felt so sad for them both! The weather has turned cold and wet again, and the poor thing couldn’t have chosen a worse time to hightail it out into the great outdoors.

One thought led to another, and of course, I found myself thinking about Melissa and missing her terribly.

I gave up thinking about the blog, and sat here, feeling lost, mourning for my dear kitty.
Thinking it would be soothing to loose myself in a book, I selected one at random from the shelf. When I looked at it, it seemed too cheery and frivolous at first, but then I saw who wrote it, and noted that it was the “Pay It Forward” woman, and decided it would be good soul-medicine.

The first few chapters sped by, and I found myself getting a bit distracted, thinking about Melissa, again. I tried to stop feeling so sorry for myself, but just couldn’t shake the sadness. I picked up the book, and read a couple of more pages, and got to a page that looked rumpled. I looked more closely, and it actually looked chewed, with toothmarks and everything. I turned the page, hoping that no chunks would be missing from the next few pages, and this is what I found- a fairly big hank of Melissa’s distinctive long, shiny black fur- probably from her tail.

Now, Melissa never chewed books- or anything else, for that matter. She was an incredibly well behaved cat, especially for a formerly feral individual. She behaved as if she were raised on velvet- civilized from the day she was born- a real little lady.

All sorts of questions raced through my head, but inevitably I had to come to the conclusion that the fur was certainly hers, and that it was no coincidence. It even smelled like her- clean, with a faint odor of the herbal infusion I periodically damp-sponged her down with, to prevent fleas.

It may seem stupid to most people, but I can’t help but think it is deeply significant, that contact has been made.

By the way, the toothmarks were only on those two pages, the ones that enclosed the hank of fur.


Melissa's Fur, and the toothmarked pages that enclosed it.

I think the message is that Love never dies, that it always stays right with you, and that she is still here with me.

I share this now, because I know that many have need of this assurance, this evidence that we are never really lost to those who love and remember.

I guess this was as good a way as any I could think of, to start up this blog again.


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Inspiration is Tidal

It waxes and wanes like the Moon, and sometimes life puts many demands upon us, which we are not always prepared for.

Recently I signed up for a new Tarot reading service, hoping that this would add a bit of volume to my income stream. In doing so, I stumbled upon a fascinating community of liked minded individuals, not at all like the sad collection of sharks and jackals I’d run into during unpleasant entanglements with other “services”.
I knew there was a tremendous renaissance underway in the Spiritual Community, but this was a startling shot in the arm, nonetheless. I was truly relieved to have landed in what felt like friendly waters, even if the calls have not been forthcoming, and the communications have been sporadic and confusing. I realize that many of the glitches are technical, a problem more of servers and perhaps power interruptions than of any lack of good intentions. My flashing clock mocks me, even as I write this, because some of the glitches are on my side of the pond. Maine has been having more than it’s share of electrical storms, and utility companies have been compounding the issue by tearing up the streets, and replacing outdated equipment.
Anyway, I’ve decided to muscle some things aside in order to make room in my hectic life for more regular hours to offer consulting and teaching, something I haven’t done on a regular basis since relocating to the turbulent north. I will announce times of availability and post links, and eventually even work out some kind of predictable schedule.


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Mary Greer interviewed by Rachel Pollack!

This is a red-letter event for me; two of my Tarot heroines get together and talk. I thought it would be a lovely thing to share, and so that is what I’m doing.
This was originally posted on “Mary K. Greer‘s Tarot Blog”
on 6/24/2011

Mary K. Greer

Mary: This is an interview with me by Rachel Pollack, as part of our series on the presenters at the Omega Institute Tarot Conference happening July 29-31st. You can read plenty about me on my blog, so let’s get on with it.

Rachel: Your work has featured endless ways people can develop their own style and ways of reading.  And yet, you are also steeped in Tarot knowledge and tradition.  How do you integrate these two sides in your teaching?

MARY: I am a life-long learner; I feel history can enhance anyone’s life, and that natural skills can be refined and augmented by study. I don’t fully integrate history and technique in my teaching, although I try to do so in my practice. Carl Jung advised that one should learn everything possible about symbols and then, when working with a dream, to forget it all. It’s a paradox involving an intelligent ‘forgetting’ that allows one to be fully present in the moment with a person’s own material. In actuality, all the learning forms a backdrop, which helps me recognize patterns that may elucidate the whole situation.
When it comes to reading tarot, you don’t need to know tarot history, just basic card interpretations and a few spreads. Some people are intuitive readers and don’t need book meanings to help people via the cards. I really try to honor this potential, so most of my class exercises are designed to develop a person’s natural abilities and insights—to help students discover how much they already know and what their own reading style is. But that’s really only a starting point.
Skill development and history are very useful when faced with crises, blocks and difficult situations. I believe it was George Santayana who said that those who do not know their history are bound to repeat it. We get stuck in old patterns of thinking and behaving, but models and techniques are available that can help us break out of these. Tarot is a kind of story-telling, and history consists of stories from the past. But, a study of history also teaches us how to evaluate these, for all stories are not equally relevant or helpful. In my longer, on-going classes I bring in quite a bit of history. I’m trying to find ways to make history more relevant to a workshop environment, because dry facts can be deadly when students are wanting and needing to experience tarot directly. It’s one of my current challenges.

Rachel: In recent years you have devoted yourself to the history of Tarot and fortune telling.  How does new knowledge of the past affect what we do with Tarot today?

MARY: History is accumulated, collective knowledge. It helps us meet challenges and opportunities that we may not have yet encountered on our own. Here’s a couple of examples:

The history of oracles and cartomancers gives me a sense of belonging to one of humanity’s oldest professions, present in every time and every culture. As an olderwoman I can see that this is a skill, that while practiced by men and women of all ages, has been a speciality of elder females, for which they have been revered, ignored, sought out, villanized and even killed. Caitlin Matthews expressed it eloquently at the last Readers Studio when she said, “We live on the edge for a reason, so that when people are on edge, they run towards us!” History makes us aware of just what that edge looks like, how others have met the challenges, and conditions under which an ‘edge’ existence becomes honored or dangerous. Knowing this, and seeing how other professions have improved their status, suggests possibilities for elevating this profession for myself and for those who come after.
A second example involves the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, where I have discovered that the Minor Arcana suits illustrate stories chosen by A.E. Waite. For example, Cups tells the story of one of the first Grail myths, and Swords is the foundation myth of the Freemasons. They lend a certain archetypal, psychic power to this deck that has been intuited by many who have copied the artwork, but not previously understood. More importantly, perhaps, is that when we recognize that we are living out elements of a great myth through getting cards in these suits, it gives a greater meaning to the experience and helps us to recognize possible outcomes and make clearer choices.

Rachel: You’ve worked with astrology and Tarot “birth constellations.”  Considering our theme of “Fate and Free Will,” do such structures suggest a more fixed fate than readings where we just shuffle the cards and see what happens?

MARY: There’s an old astrological axiom: “The stars impel, they do not compel.” Impel suggests an urging while compel is about being forced. I sometimes feel that life is like floating down a great river carried by a particular current made up of current events and our own character (or karma). I can go with the flow, enhance it, or fight it. I don’t think that Lifetime Cards tell us who we will become, or that Year Cards tell us what events will happen that year. I find that they have more to do with sensing the existing flow and then discerning the meaning those events can have for us. They reflect qualities that bring a sense of fulfillment—no matter what happens. Were we fated to be born on a certain day? I really don’t know, but I like to think that my Higher Self chose circumstances that would best facilitate my soul’s journey. When I live life as if that were true, then everything seems more vital, exciting and purposeful then when I don’t. Meaningful synchronicities abound, leading to ‘probability enhancement’—one of my favorite definitions of magic. In readings, I like mixing free will with considerations of chance, fate and destiny, which I hope we will do in my conference session.

For all you Tarot enthusiasts who would like to read Mary’s blog, here’s the link:

Her blog is wonderfully written, and well worth subscribing to!
Namaste, Folks.

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Tarot Card Pick for Today: Two of Cups~~~”Isn’t it romantic….?”

Ah, romance! That is everyone’s first thought as they draw the Two of Cups; and indeed, that is one of its best known definitions. That is not the only one. Of course the suit of cups represents emotion, the subconscious mind, intuition, the subtle connection between all life-forms, and of course, that most fluid of usual subjects for readings: relationships. And of course, there is the traditional meaning of the number two- receptive, open, twin souls, or pillars flanking a gate- either way, partnership is clearly indicated, even in a world defined in large part by polarity. Two is the number of complimentarity, of opposites that draw each other close or push each other away. It is the first number that clearly shows the presence of the other.
At the very least, we may interpret the Two of Cups as a partnership with a strong emotional component. Two figures, (whatever the refinements and personal preferences of the artist who renders them), drink a toast to each other in almost every deck that has representational illustrations. If they are not enjoying their cups, they are at least enjoying each other. But the partnerships shown, though always friendly in the upright cards, do not always mean love relationships, (though the odds are better than fair they could certainly go that way given encouragement.)

In this post I intend to compare the 2 of Cups in four different decks, partly to compare the similarities and differences, and partly to show how different interpretations may apply according to the designers’ visions for each different deck.
I will start with the Cosmic Tarot by artist Norbert Losche.

Cosmic Tarot, by artist Norbert Losche

His characters often bear a strong resemblance to old time movie stars, and his visions for his cards are so dramatic. I think ol’ Norbert must have a real soft spot for old fashioned romance. In his rendering of the 2 of Cups, a very debonair man is portrayed in what appears to be a luxurious, romantic-era dressing gown, and he is romancing a beautiful lady, who all but swoons in his arms. (Sappy, but effective, and who can deny their secret longing to be swept away in just this fashion?) Two chilled goblets in the foreground sweat drops of condensation among flowers that crowd them together, and the glow from the two goblets unite to form one beautiful dome of light.
(Bartender! I want whatever they’re having!)
Blooms swirl around the heads of the lovers as they loose themselves in the ecstasy of the moment. Ah, Love! A distant ocean melts into a starry night sky, and planets float in the background. The isolation of the lovers is perfect as the rest of the world disappears. This is the most classic interpretation of the 2 of Cups- the one everybody who has ever had a relationship reading hopes for. It comes complete with everything except “…and they lived happily ever after…” unless it falls in the ultimate outcome position.

Ah Norbert! You really must be quite the romantic! (Check, please!)

Tarot by artist Robin Wood

Again, sticking to tradition, but a bit less overblown, is Robin Wood’s take on the 2 of Cups. Two very attractive young people toast each other, smiling and surrounded by light. Their hands entwine as they hold up two beautifully matched goblets- they are not identical, but clearly complimentary, and made for each other. The power of this contact casts a ring of rainbow light around their cups and sweetly clasped hands. A smooth green lawn and distant mountain landscape in the background indicates that whatever awaits them, they have each other, and will travel together through both easy and difficult times. The raising of kundalini energy is indicated in the caduceus that climbs rays of light toward the winged solar lion’s head hovering golden in the sky. His red and golden garments and golden hair show his fiery passionate nature, and she is crowned with the leaves and adorned with the flowers and vines of earth, showing that she is thoughtful and creative. When spirited fire is grounded, the earth brings forth it’s gifts. Energy is wedded with matter, and vice versa- you can’t have one without the other, and together they make all things manifest.
Robin Wood has this to say on the matter: “The whole card should give the feeling of two opposites meeting in a spirit of love to bring transformative healing.”

Mystic Dreamer Tarot by artist Heidi Darras

The Mystic Dreamer Tarot is a bit less traditional, though still romantic. Heidi Darras has again given us a beautiful young couple, though with a bit less polarity- since the boy is gorgeously effeminate, and the girl has a delicately handsome, rather than “pretty” face. Nonetheless, they compliment each other, and again, a spiritual alchemy is indicated by a caduceus hovering above them in the golden air. A dreamlike landscape unfolds behind them, and their lives unfold with it, in a vista of promise and hope. Barbara Moore, who has written the instructional text to accompany this deck, says “the key here is the coming together of two things that creates a third thing that is, in and of itself, powerful, beautiful and passionate.”

Transparent Tarot by artist Emily Carding

Last, is the least traditional of all, the minimalist and yet elegantly clear interpretation of Emily Carding, in the Transparent Tarot. Two graceful and sinuous figures reach across a gulf of empty space to toast each other, crossing their chalices in a kind of salute as they make contact. One has recognizably human features, the other…is a mystery, with a blank elipse of a head, suggestive of an alien nature. One represents the familiar and human, the other the unknowable- but the union between them unites the known with the unknown, as “the waters flow together”. When I look at this card, I see an image that suggests beings made of water, mer-folk rising from the deep, rearing up in two fountains and facing each other. Though separate for the moment, they share a common source, and beneath the surface are still connected. The implication here is less romantic, yet in a spiritual sense runs deeper than all that lovely, sodden-sweet romance of the traditional view- these are two beings who recognize each other as the other self, who agree to make contact above the surface of conscious thought, intentionally completing the circuit that is implicit at the source. Together they arise from the ocean of soul, they reach toward each other in a mirroring movement of accord, and whatever they hope to accomplish is already well on its way to completion. In Emily Carding’s words: “This card often appears to signify soul-mates…the kind of romance signified…has its roots in strong friendship and similar ideals…physical attraction may also be present, but it is the spiritual and emotional connection that will have brought them together.”

It should also be taken into consideration that twos often represent choices as well as romantic possibilities. I am reminded by the writings of Janina Renee, a favorite tarot scholar of mine, that sometimes this card signals the need to accommodate another, to consider their needs and desires, to compromise and make changes in your behavior in order to draw closer together.

In a reversed position, things take on a distinctly different flavor. Depending on the context and relationship to other cards present in the reading, there could be obstacles standing between the two partners, there could be a lack of the emotional “juice” necessary to charge the relationship with that indefinable essence to take it across that last gap from friendship to romance, or the timing could just be wrong. An excellent warning comes from Mary K. Greer‘s Complete Book of Tarot Reversals:
“Perhaps you are [being] drawn into a relationship that is not good for you.”
Most of the time, though, I consider it a matter of obstacles or timing. He shows up with flowers, just after you’ve pulled a double shift at the print-shop. He’s in a dinner jacket and you’re covered in ink. He’s got reservations to a dinner theater, and shows up unannounced, and you’ve just ordered a pizza and climbed into your jammies.
Get over it; either clean up and go, or call for another pizza, and give the tickets to your favorite neighbors.
So remember:  the word for the day- (and for every day) is:

(or at least be harmonious, and dance together sweetly.)


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The Second Eclipse, in the season of Solstice

Today I am quoting a post from a respected Facebook friend, Moon Willow, because she said it so well.

Picture courtesy of Lisa E. Zimmerman

One of the things this latest eclipse is meant to show us is where we are out of balance … Be aware of the possible push and pull between your head and heart … Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into other peoples’ dramas … Follow the wisdom that is in your heart and soul and know that you need no one else’s approval to follow what you know is right and your own path … This has certainly been true for myself … I am very happy with the person that I am, the path of the ancients that I walk and my own personal beliefs … However it wasn’t always this way and one of the many belief systems I know I was raised with is that it is selfish to put yourself first … Well it is not … Know that the better place you are in yourself the more you have to give out when it really matters and your energies are really needed … Note to self …Although I have done a lot of personal healing, journeying and clearing work already it really is time to start putting myself and my own needs first sometimes and this will help me get my health and other issues back into balance … I owe this to myself and I would encourage others to do the same )O( Useful Mantra to yourselves : Through healing myself I will be more able to help others … Warm and Magickal Blessings to you all ♥

Thank You, Moon Willow for your beautiful words about this rare and powerful time in our lives. Namaste!

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Merz

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New Tarot Decks

There’s been a mad proliferation of Tarot Decks out there, probably because so many people are desperately looking for answers that opportunistic publishers see it as a rapidly expanding market for a relatively expensive item.  Also, there are so many excellent artists out there, desperate for work in this terrible economy, that they can be easily persuaded to work for what often amounts to less than minimum wage- so the publishers are making out like bandits, turning a time of scarcity into very rich pickings indeed.

Much as I hate the fact that this kind of exploitation is going on, I have to say that some of the most gorgeous work is floating around out there. Desperation can be a powerful prod to creativity, and I’ve seen some of the most incredible new decks that really made my eyes pop with desire for yet more new cards.  I have the collector’s lust- or rather, it has me! And I’m drooling over these two stunning selections I’m about to post here.

By Artist Aunia Kahn

As much as I adore color, these mostly black and white cards really captured my interest. These are called the “Silver Era Tarot“, and they have a certain anachronistic charm. I’m reminded of the old time photography booths, and the photo-coloring that was so in vogue in the ’80s. The artist is Aunia Kahn, and they are available in the US and online. They come with an accompanying book by Russell J. Moon.  Apparently the Artist, Aunia Kahn, has used herself as the model in all of the cards that do not specifically portray male role models. That provides a certain continuity if one considers the allegorical “Fool’s Journey”.
While not obviously created in a SteamPunk style, there are still suggestions of this aesthetic  sense, oddly combined with a Renaissance Faire Flavor.  On the whole, this is a very tasty offering, and I think I’m going to have to have these at some point.

by Sylvie Breysse and Didier Doryan

Another very interesting deck has apparently been floating around for about 6 years, but is nearly impossible to find in the US.  Put out by a French publisher, the Oracle Bleu Cards are not a traditional Tarot System.  The scenes are suggestive of an underwater fantasy kingdom, and the colors are gorgeous, vivid and saturated.  The Artists are Sylvie Breysse and Didier Doryan, and I may just have to go to France to get myself some of these. (Sounds like a good excuse to go to Europe, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, I thought all you Tarot Fans out there would enjoy seeing a sample of these delicious new goodies.  I have to thank Lynn Whitlark, who posted pics of these in her wonderful blog  “WELCOME TO THE SEVEN HOUSE” back in 2010.

As always, relevant comments are encouraged and welcomed.


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