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Tarot Card Pick for Today: Two of Cups~~~”Isn’t it romantic….?”

Ah, romance! That is everyone’s first thought as they draw the Two of Cups; and indeed, that is one of its best known definitions. That is not the only one. Of course the suit of cups represents emotion, the subconscious … Continue reading

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Hina- Woman in the Moon- selected from the “Goddesses Knowledge Cards” by Susan Seddon Boulet and Michael Babcock

Characterized as the Mother of the Hawaiian people, Hina is an archetypal figure of the Polynesians, who traveled far and wide over land and sea, eventually going to live in the Moon. A multi-cultural legend, Hina is cherished by all … Continue reading

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Card Pick for Today – Knight of Cups

The knight of cups Knights are usually representative of young men, though in this day and age, they can also be young women with a great deal of dash and initiative. Typically, Knights of any Suit are the most impulsive … Continue reading

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