Moon Food, and the Wesak Festival

The Full Moon that falls in the month of Taurus every spring marks the Wesak Festival. It’s considered to be a day for all Light-Workers, and the emanations of the Full Moon at this time is supposed to be revitalizing and recharging for all those who champion the light. People often will gather in groups, at Unity, Metaphysical and Unitarian Churches through out the US, and in the rest of the world, in all Buddhist Temples, some Hindu Temples, and some Asian Christian Churches. It is a day to connect in with the web of light, to meditate, and commune with like minded people all over the world, and bask in the frequency of the Avatars, brought to earth by the light of the Moon.

Tradition has it that this is the celebration of Buddha’s Birthday, and that all the avatars he ever came to earth as, will be present with all those who seek the Light. Compassion and peace are the energy frequency of this sacred time, and one of the practices customary for this day is the gathering of moonbeams in a crystal bowl of pure water. The bowl is set out where moonlight can fall on it, and the participants will chant and sing, and sometimes there will be dancing. The water will be distributed among the attendees to be drunk, or sometimes a person will dampen a cloth and wash their face and hands with it. Some people will come to Wesak Gatherings with a clean bottle, and at the end of the group meditation session, will take some of the water- which is believed to have healing properties- home with them to friends and family.

I like to use the emanations of Wesak Light to cleanse and charge my divination tools, my  personal sacred objects, and of course the tools and materials which I use to create my sacred art with.

In addition, as those who know me can tell you, there is always food involved!

On Wesak, nothing should take away from the drinking of moon-charged water, but food is always welcome, LOL.

Wesak Moon-energy is considered nourishing to the soul, but people do enjoy their physical foodstuffs, so MoonFood has it’s place on every table. The only stipulations are that it has to be vegetarian -(dairy is ok)- and it helps if it has something round and moon-like about it, to remind you of the very special occasion that it is.

Here are a couple of photographic suggestions, should you choose to share this beautiful custom with guests, or just to have something special for your evening of Light.

One word of advice: save the treats till after. Carbs are grounding.


Flaky biscuits, stuffed with Vermont Cheddar Cheese, then baked.

Delicious Berry & Cream Cheese Biscuit

Queso Fresco, wGrapes

About tarotcircle

I have been reading Tarot since January 1975, and teaching Tarot since 1978. Several of my students have become the best readers I know- which is why I started giving classes in the first place- so that I could always find someone to get a really superior reading from! In the years since I began reading, the interest in Tarot, other forms of divination and earth-centered spirituality has exploded to amazing proportions, and the art of reading has itself evolved tremendously. So much has changed, and I am so pleased to find myself cresting the wave again and again, as this fascinating science of soul journeying deepens and becomes ever more vibrant. I find myself ever changing, ever learning more and more, as I too, evolve, grow and embark again on the journey to the center of myself. Welcome to the edge of understanding, where you can simultaneously embrace the ancient paths, and surf the most current breakers of your own highest being!
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