The Second Eclipse, in the season of Solstice

Today I am quoting a post from a respected Facebook friend, Moon Willow, because she said it so well.

Picture courtesy of Lisa E. Zimmerman

One of the things this latest eclipse is meant to show us is where we are out of balance … Be aware of the possible push and pull between your head and heart … Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into other peoples’ dramas … Follow the wisdom that is in your heart and soul and know that you need no one else’s approval to follow what you know is right and your own path … This has certainly been true for myself … I am very happy with the person that I am, the path of the ancients that I walk and my own personal beliefs … However it wasn’t always this way and one of the many belief systems I know I was raised with is that it is selfish to put yourself first … Well it is not … Know that the better place you are in yourself the more you have to give out when it really matters and your energies are really needed … Note to self …Although I have done a lot of personal healing, journeying and clearing work already it really is time to start putting myself and my own needs first sometimes and this will help me get my health and other issues back into balance … I owe this to myself and I would encourage others to do the same )O( Useful Mantra to yourselves : Through healing myself I will be more able to help others … Warm and Magickal Blessings to you all ♥

Thank You, Moon Willow for your beautiful words about this rare and powerful time in our lives. Namaste!

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Merz


About tarotcircle

I have been reading Tarot since January 1975, and teaching Tarot since 1978. Several of my students have become the best readers I know- which is why I started giving classes in the first place- so that I could always find someone to get a really superior reading from! In the years since I began reading, the interest in Tarot, other forms of divination and earth-centered spirituality has exploded to amazing proportions, and the art of reading has itself evolved tremendously. So much has changed, and I am so pleased to find myself cresting the wave again and again, as this fascinating science of soul journeying deepens and becomes ever more vibrant. I find myself ever changing, ever learning more and more, as I too, evolve, grow and embark again on the journey to the center of myself. Welcome to the edge of understanding, where you can simultaneously embrace the ancient paths, and surf the most current breakers of your own highest being!
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One Response to The Second Eclipse, in the season of Solstice

  1. Jayden says:

    Hey,wäre die Bewerbung bis zum 10. möglich gewesen, dann hätten wir &#hni0;e22sc8ließlich 9. Dezember” geschrieben. Sorry!Aber bei dem nächsten Gewinnspiel werden wir uns drum bemühen, dass der Einsendeschluss konkreter festgelegt ist 🙂

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