New Tarot Decks

There’s been a mad proliferation of Tarot Decks out there, probably because so many people are desperately looking for answers that opportunistic publishers see it as a rapidly expanding market for a relatively expensive item.  Also, there are so many excellent artists out there, desperate for work in this terrible economy, that they can be easily persuaded to work for what often amounts to less than minimum wage- so the publishers are making out like bandits, turning a time of scarcity into very rich pickings indeed.

Much as I hate the fact that this kind of exploitation is going on, I have to say that some of the most gorgeous work is floating around out there. Desperation can be a powerful prod to creativity, and I’ve seen some of the most incredible new decks that really made my eyes pop with desire for yet more new cards.  I have the collector’s lust- or rather, it has me! And I’m drooling over these two stunning selections I’m about to post here.

By Artist Aunia Kahn

As much as I adore color, these mostly black and white cards really captured my interest. These are called the “Silver Era Tarot“, and they have a certain anachronistic charm. I’m reminded of the old time photography booths, and the photo-coloring that was so in vogue in the ’80s. The artist is Aunia Kahn, and they are available in the US and online. They come with an accompanying book by Russell J. Moon.  Apparently the Artist, Aunia Kahn, has used herself as the model in all of the cards that do not specifically portray male role models. That provides a certain continuity if one considers the allegorical “Fool’s Journey”.
While not obviously created in a SteamPunk style, there are still suggestions of this aesthetic  sense, oddly combined with a Renaissance Faire Flavor.  On the whole, this is a very tasty offering, and I think I’m going to have to have these at some point.

by Sylvie Breysse and Didier Doryan

Another very interesting deck has apparently been floating around for about 6 years, but is nearly impossible to find in the US.  Put out by a French publisher, the Oracle Bleu Cards are not a traditional Tarot System.  The scenes are suggestive of an underwater fantasy kingdom, and the colors are gorgeous, vivid and saturated.  The Artists are Sylvie Breysse and Didier Doryan, and I may just have to go to France to get myself some of these. (Sounds like a good excuse to go to Europe, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, I thought all you Tarot Fans out there would enjoy seeing a sample of these delicious new goodies.  I have to thank Lynn Whitlark, who posted pics of these in her wonderful blog  “WELCOME TO THE SEVEN HOUSE” back in 2010.

As always, relevant comments are encouraged and welcomed.


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I have been reading Tarot since January 1975, and teaching Tarot since 1978. Several of my students have become the best readers I know- which is why I started giving classes in the first place- so that I could always find someone to get a really superior reading from! In the years since I began reading, the interest in Tarot, other forms of divination and earth-centered spirituality has exploded to amazing proportions, and the art of reading has itself evolved tremendously. So much has changed, and I am so pleased to find myself cresting the wave again and again, as this fascinating science of soul journeying deepens and becomes ever more vibrant. I find myself ever changing, ever learning more and more, as I too, evolve, grow and embark again on the journey to the center of myself. Welcome to the edge of understanding, where you can simultaneously embrace the ancient paths, and surf the most current breakers of your own highest being!
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