Card Pick for the Day- Ace of Pentacles

From the Cosmic Tarot, by Artist Norbert Losche

Wow! What a card for today!

I should give a little background, before I expound further; I’m sure everyone is aware that today is Friday the 13th. Well, all stereotypes and cliches about this day notwithstanding, I have always considered these days to be extraordinarily lucky.
You see, I was BORN on a Friday the 13th, on 1/13, at 1:13 PM. I therefore consider all Friday the 13ths as sort of bonus birthdays. When this card came up today, in a reading I did concerning a particularly attractive new idea I’m incubating, I considered it a sign of great potency. Obviously, whatever was untimely about my idea when I got the Ace of Pentacles Rx a couple of weeks ago has ripened over time, and is ready for me to pluck it from the vine.

This is the Ace of Earth, the idea with ultimate earning potential, creative power and wonderful groundedness. Every single tarot author on the face of the planet will tell you that if you get this card in a reading, the unmitigated, no -holds-barred answer to your question is a resounding YES!
This is the window of opportunity opening wide for you to jump through. This is the goose that laid the golden egg. Now that does not mean you won’t have to work for it. It does not mean you should rest on your laurels and assume it will be handed to you on a silver platter. What it does mean is this: if you look at the issue honestly and with a clear mind, the value of the idea itself will show you the way.  Observe how rays radiate from the Pentacle itself. A closer look will show how the path is illuminated. (Hhmm, a yellow brick road. How cute is that?)

The path is set before you. There are obstacles, and sometimes weeds. Get over it, and do the work required to move on. When you need reassurance or inspiration, when you visualize your goal, and hold it steady in your mind, the steps required to get you back on track will become clear. This is your green light to proceed. Keep to the plan, and let nothing distract you.

Let’s GO!


About tarotcircle

I have been reading Tarot since January 1975, and teaching Tarot since 1978. Several of my students have become the best readers I know- which is why I started giving classes in the first place- so that I could always find someone to get a really superior reading from! In the years since I began reading, the interest in Tarot, other forms of divination and earth-centered spirituality has exploded to amazing proportions, and the art of reading has itself evolved tremendously. So much has changed, and I am so pleased to find myself cresting the wave again and again, as this fascinating science of soul journeying deepens and becomes ever more vibrant. I find myself ever changing, ever learning more and more, as I too, evolve, grow and embark again on the journey to the center of myself. Welcome to the edge of understanding, where you can simultaneously embrace the ancient paths, and surf the most current breakers of your own highest being!
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